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Monday, May 24, 2010

EAT YOUR FRUIT & VEGETABLES - Hawthorne Senior Center

EAT YOUR FRUIT & VEGETABLES in not a threat it's a promise.  At the Hawthorne Del Aire Certified Farmers Market we have a triple threat of fruits, vegetables & protein (eggs & chicken). We are the Fast Food Farmers Market - Home of the Original Fast Food!

Flavor & Creativity - EAT YOUR VEGETABLES never sounded so good. Nothing dull and boring found at this farmers market Full of Flavor & Creativity! Eating brings you to your senses, It's visceral - and what I mean by that you eat with your 5 senses.  Looks, smells, feels good, sounds good, tastes good!  Food doesn't just fill you up, it makes you feel alive!

Simple Tomato Sandwich!
Strawberry Cucumber Salad
Steamed  Vegetables

What we really want from our food is good flavor.  When we cook we Cook to impress, cook to be excited or, cook to share, at the very least to sustain ourselves. 
We know from experience that seniors like their mealtimes to be interesting . . . not just the food, but the setting, the companionship and the conversation.   

Appetizing meals are an important part of our lives, and vital to physical and emotional well-being. Lucky living in So Cal where we share food from many cultures and because we're living longer,  many generations.  There’s something really intimate about sharing food.

Food also helps us connect to our past and the now.  What’s great about food is the nostalgia factor that ties all of us to where we’re from.  So it’s a wonderful tool  to take us back to the things that make us feel good, whole, happy and excited about life.
Be creative to liven up food while staying within appropriate dietary guidelines. Advocate moderation rather than denial.   
Recommendations for adding flavor to a senior’s diet without compromising good health:
  • Add low-sodium, no-salt stock to a sauce to make it taste like it has been simmering all day.  Likewise, cook rice in chicken or vegetable stock rather than water, and replace cream with stock when making mashed potatoes for a flavorful, low-fat alternative.
  • Fresh herbs are a no-fat addition, and readily available in grocery stores to brighten the flavor of salads, dressing and sauces.
  • Purchase better cuts of meat for better flavor and less fat.  Seniors shouldn’t sacrifice quality, even if they’re on a budget.  “Never buy less than a ground sirloin because of the fat content.  Don’t buy fatty foods as opposed to lean, healthy meats to save pennies because in the end you’re not, you have to trim.  And the amount of waste balanced against lean clean meat is negligible.  A small amount of lean protein is better than a larger amount of fatty protein.”
  • Stock up on fresh meats and vegetables when they’re on sale, then divide and freeze them.  “Prepared foods are not good for seniors because they can’t control the amount of salts, fats and additives.  Seniors should spend the money instead on prepared raw foods they can finish cooking, which will taste better to them as well.”
 Fast Food Farmers Market, Home of the Original Fast Food has something for everyone to cook flavorful, fun and fast meals!

I'll be speaking at the Hawthorne Senior Center about the Farmers Market May 25th 11:30am where there will be Senior Nutritional Program Coupons distributed. I'll also be handing out recipes provided by the LA County Nutritionist Program. 

What's in Season - Stone Fruit, Cherries, Strawberries, Greens, Asparagus, etc.

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